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DantesĀ® Boxing Gloves

DantesĀ® Boxing Gloves

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Color: White

Ultimate Boxing Gloves

Engineered for maximum protection and comfort, these gloves are ideal for all levels of training.

Durable Velcro: Ensures a secure and adjustable fitšŸ”’

Extra Long Wrist Support: Provides additional stability and protectionšŸ’Ŗ

Absorbent Lining: Keeps hands dry by wicking away moisturešŸŒŠ

5-Layer Padding: Offers superior protection against impactsšŸ›”ļø

Size Options: Available in 12oz, 14oz, and 16ozšŸ“

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Power-Packed Gear! šŸ„Š

Dantes Pro Boxing Gear's gear is power-packed! From gloves to headgear, everything is top-notch quality. I train harder and hit stronger with their equipment. šŸŒŸ

Tyler W.
Dynamic Duo Speed and Power

Dantes Pro Boxing Gear's combination of speed and power is unmatched! Their gear allows me to unleash my full potential in the ring, whether I'm delivering lightning-fast jabs or powerful hooks. Simply unbeatable!

Larry R.
Heavyweight Champion of Gear

Dantes Pro Boxing Gear is the heavyweight champion of gear! Their products are sturdy, reliable, and built to last. I feel confident and unstoppable with their gear on. Highly recommended!

Marcus Davis
Power Puncher's Paradise

Dantes Pro Boxing Gear is a power puncher's paradise! Their equipment enhances every aspect of my training, from speed to power. I can't imagine my sessions without them. Truly impressive!

Dantes Boxing is the best!

Dantes Boxing is simply the best! I recently purchased a pair of gloves from them, and they're fantastic. Excellent quality and perfect fit. Highly recommended!