The Story of Dantes Pro Boxing Gear

How did the brand come into existence? 

The foundation of our brand was laid through years of accumulated expertise in Thai and kickboxing traditions from the Dutch school. As proud representatives of "Dantes Pro Boxing Gear," we aspire to introduce a premium quality brand to the market, addressing the shortcomings observed in other brands. Despite our high-quality standards, we remain competitively priced! 

Our identity is characterized by sleekness and recognizability, thanks in part to our elegant logo that exudes strength and quality. The fit is superb, offering excellent wrist support and just the right amount of padding for the knuckles. 


And where does the name come from? 

"Dantes" derives its name from the birthplace of the founder, the Dantestraat in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Imagine the renowned Italian poet Dante Alighieri undertaking a journey through the afterlife, from Hell (Inferno) through Purgatory (Purgatorio) to Paradise (Paradiso) - a true fighter!